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Design the official ‘Halloween In Lahaina’ T-shirt

By Staff | May 24, 2012

LAHAINA – The LahainaTown Action Committee (LAC) is sponsoring a contest to design the official 2012 Halloween T-shirt. The winning T-shirt design will be the featured retail T-shirt for the 2012 “Halloween In Lahaina” event.

“It is the goal of the LAC to invite the public to share their creative ideas of this well-known event with our community,” said Jill Holley, LAC board member.

Proceeds from sales of the official 2012 T-shirt will benefit the 2012 Lahaina Halloween Celebration.

“Lahaina is known for their famous artists, and we are looking for designs that promote ‘Great Energy’ for the Halloween celebration,” Holley added.

Artists interested in participating in the contest should submit designs in Vector format or PDF. All designs must include the words “2012 Halloween in Lahaina.” Designs should have a minimum of four colors but not limited to four.

Images will be placed on black and white t-shirts. Designs should be a positive, non-offensive design that would be appropriate for families, including keiki (children).

Entries must be delivered electronically to lynn@visitlahaina.com by Monday, July 2. All entries must be received by 5 p.m. to be eligible.

There is a nonrefundable entry fee of $25. The contest is limited to five entries per artist.

The competition is open to all. The artwork must be original and unpublished with the image being a recognizable “Halloween In Lahaina” theme.

An application with contest rules must be completed for each entry. Applications are available at www.visitlahaina.com, the official LAC website.

The winning T-shirt design will be part of one of the largest Halloween celebrations in Hawaii.

As well as being recognized for their winning design, the artist will receive a “Living Large in Lahaina Package” which includes a “staycation” at a Maui hotel plus Lahaina merchant certificates, gifts totaling more than $500.

The winning T-shirt design will be sold at the “Halloween In Lahaina” event, Lahaina Visitor Center and other Lahaina stores.

For more information, go to the Lahaina Town Action Committee website at www.visitlahaina.com or call Lynn Donovan at LahainaTown Action Committee at 667-9175.