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Library group opens second used bookstore at Wharf Cinema Center

By Staff | Nov 3, 2011

JoAnn Carroll and John Tryggestad, both members of the Maui Friends of the Library Board of Directors, prepare the space at the top floor of The Wharf Cinema Center for a new used bookstore. Proceeds from book sales will help fund special needs of the county’s public libraries.

LAHAINA – The Maui Friends of the Library is opening a second bookstore to recycle hard back and paperback books donated to the organization from Maui residents and visitors.

The store is located at The Wharf Cinema Center on the top floor next to the movie theaters.

It will be open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closed on major holidays).

All proceeds from book sales go to help the libraries in Maui County, including Lahaina Public Library located across Front Street from the new store.

“Sometimes a door closes and a window really does open,” said Dorothy Tolliver, Maui Friends of the Library president.

She explained that while commercial bookstores have been closing their doors on the island, there are still many readers and many books with more than one life.

“By reselling used books, we are able to keep them out of our landfill, help our libraries with needs outside the operating budgets from the state, and promote literacy,” she commented.

Tolliver thanked Donna Soares and the owners of the center for their generosity in donating the space for the bookstore.

She said that the store is air conditioned for the comfort of the customers and volunteer staff. Wharf Cinema Center parking is available behind the center.

JoAnn Carroll, now retired and former owner of the Old Lahaina Book Emporium, stepped forward to help the Maui Friends of the Library set up the new store that opened Tuesday, Nov. 2, and will hold its grand opening celebration later in the year.

Carroll, who joined the MFOL Board of Directors, will work in the store a few hours a week, help train the volunteers and get the operation moving smoothly.

She will be helped by Machele and Tom Stabler, who also have bookstore experience.

“We need many, many volunteers who are willing to donate four hours a week or more to working at the store,” said Carroll.

“Our libraries are a great cause to support, and now book lovers and library supporters can volunteer right here on the West Side.”

She encouraged prospective volunteers to contact her by calling 269-3429 or e-mailing maui4books@yahoo.com.

The Maui Friends of the Library, a nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers, has operated a used book store in Puunene since 1987.

Proceeds from used book sales fund scholarships for future librarians, provide funding for keiki programs and fulfill requests from branch librarians to purchase books and other materials when State budgets run short. Learn more at www.mfol.org.