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Laserna donates surfing media to Lahaina Public Library

By Staff | Aug 11, 2011

Bruce Laserna’s donation to Librarian Madeleine Buchanan included his 20-year collection of “The Surfer’s Journal.”

LAHAINA — West Maui resident Bruce Laserna last week Thursday morning donated a pristine, 20-year collection of “The Surfer’s Journal” to Lahaina Public Library.

He also brought Librarian Madeleine Buchanan several hard-bound books on surfing, including a signed copy of John Severson’s “Surf Fever,” “Dale Velzy is Hawk,” “All for a Few Perfect Waves: The Audacious Life and Legend of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora,” “Dora Lives: The Authorized Story Of Miki Dora” and “Surfboards” by Guy Motil.

Laserna said the library is a perfect home for his collection, because it fronts world-class surf breaks, and the facility is located within blocks of three public schools.

“The intent of my donation is that perhaps, some of the school kids in the area who surf might check out an issue or two due to their interest,” he noted.

“In doing so, they may see an aspect of the sport that could eventually lead them to a career in the surfing community as a surfing professional, artist, historian, restorationist or surfing-related manufacturer or designer.” 

Buchanan said the magazines will be donated to Maui Friends of the Library. The collection, or issues sought by collectors, can be sold to raise money for public libraries on Maui.

If Lahaina Public Library lacks any of the surfing books, they will be added to the collection.

If they already have a book, Buchanan will see if another library wants it.

Laserna owns Laserna Hair Care in Lahaina with his wife, Joanne.