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Lahainaluna High School PTSA seeks support

By Staff | Feb 24, 2011

LAHAINA — The Lahainaluna High School Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) serves to improve the quality of the only public high school in West Maui.

Research shows that community involvement in our youth’s education helps our students thrive at school. Not only are the students more likely to earn higher grades and stay in school, but studies show that schools themselves get better when parents, teachers and community members take an active role.

The Lahainaluna PTSA is run by an elected board that includes parents, teachers, students and members of the administration. Membership costs $10 annually and is open to anyone who wants to support the high school.

The PTSA is required to send $9.25 of each membership to the State PTSA, keeping only 75 cents of each registration for the local panel.

The other source of funds for the PTSA is the eScrip program, which allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of purchases to the school or organization of your choice.

For Lahainaluna, Safeway is the participating merchant. By signing up for this program and designating Lahainaluna High School as your recipient, a portion of your grocery purchases will be credited to the Lahainaluna High School PTSA at no cost to you. There is no need to save receipts or track your purchases — all you need to do is contact the PTSA and provide your Safeway card number. That’s all there is to it!

Every time you swipe your Safeway card after that, the PTSA will receive a portion of your purchases. Currently, the PTSA receives approximately $500 per month through this program. If you have a Safeway card and would like to participate in this program, please contact the PTSA using the contact details below.

The Lahainaluna PTSA uses its funds to offer scholarships to deserving graduating seniors, support the Reflections program (the PTSA’s signature program to help promote the arts), host an annual staff appreciation luncheon at a local restaurant where raffle prizes are given away, provide something special to the staff each day of staff appreciation week, send the PTSA legislative chair to the state convention to represent Lahainaluna High School and discover what programs and tools are available, and support the Staff Wish List program developed by the PTSA to ask the staff what items they need in order to be more effective.

The PTSA donates those “wishes” based on a review of specific selection criteria by a panel of judges. In the past couple of years, the PTSA has been able to purchase various projectors and screens, a set of historical maps, a variety of subscriptions and videos, lab supplies and science equipment, calculators, bulletin and white boards, DVD players, computers and computer repairs and funding for mailing the school newspaper.

Obviously, the PTSA is not able to meet all requests due to limited funds, but it does its best and feels that these donations improve the level of excellence at Lahainaluna High School.

If you would like to support the Lahainaluna High School PTSA by becoming a member, serving on the board, offering your services, signing up for eScrip or making a donation, contact PTSA President Kimberly Scott at 283-9664 or e-mail lahainalunaptsa@gmail.com.