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Smokestack ‘crowned’ Saturday

By Staff | Aug 5, 2010

On Saturday morning, a huge crane lifted the 14-foot crown on top of the old Pioneer Mill Co. Smokestack. Oak Park Chimney will paint “PIONEER MILL-Co LTD 1860” on the smokestack and finish the renovation project this week (see article on page 20). Photo by Ken Kimura.

LAHAINA — The 82-year-old Pioneer Mill Co. smokestack was “crowned” early Saturday morning with a steel cap fabricated to match the original masonry cap removed in 2006 during the demolition of Pioneer Mill.

The 14-foot-high extension has a flared head, four diamond inserts and 40 fluted trays to replicate the original size and design of the smokestack cap. A crane from Pacific Pile and Crane was used to lift the 9,000-pound cap to the top of the smokestack.

This is the last major part of the four-month renovation of the historic smokestack undertaken by Lahaina Restoration Foundation. Next week, the large letters “PIONEER MILL COMPANY LTD 1860” will be repainted in white letters on a black background, and Oak Park Chimney Company will wrap up their work.

 Garden View Inc. will then begin the installation of the landscaping, seating wall, lighting, interpretive panels and engraved brick walkway. This final phase of the project will be unveiled on Friday, Oct. 22, during the second annual “Lahaina Plantation Days” event.

Engraved bricks are still for sale and may be purchased online at www.lahainarestoration.org.