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Lahaina Bypass Now names new executive director

By Staff | Aug 20, 2009


LAHAINA — Lahaina Bypass Now (LBN) has a new executive director in Norma Barton.

“I understand I have very large shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of the successful leadership of our past executive director, Theo Morrison, and will do my best to carry on the tradition of a small organization solving a myriad of transportation issues in the efficient, diligent manner that Theo is known for,” she said.

LBN is a community-based group dedicated to finding solutions for West Maui’s traffic issues, connecting communities and promoting alternatives to driving, such as using bicycles, walking and taking the bus.

Lahaina Bypass Now currently has nine core strategies or areas of focus for addressing Lahaina’s traffic: construction of the Lahaina Bypass, development of a network of roads, improved traffic management (for example, extending the green light on certain thoroughfares), increased public transit, encourage smart planning, create walking and biking paths, promote telecommuting for work and school, government lobbying, and community relations.

“I am familiar with the Lahaina Bypass history and its current state. I am also familiar with the Honoapiilani (Highway) widening project and the Mill Street extension,” Barton explained.

“I am aware of the fact that there are certain areas in West Maui, and all of Maui for that matter, that do not have crosswalks, crossing guards and/or bike paths for children to safely get to school. Maui also has a need for an integrated bike path system that is safe as well as efficient for its citizens to bicycle instead of drive to work. The same goes for the need of a connected walking path system that would allow locals and tourists alike to use the car less and walk more,” she continued.

“I believe there is a need for an evening commuter bus route and am creating a survey to address this question.”

Barton joins LBN with more than ten years of management experience, including nearly eight years as an executive director of a local nonprofit in Oregon: Heartline USDA-CACFP (United States Department of Agriculture-Child and Adult Care Food Program).

Heartline’s job was to train “in-home” day care providers on the proper components of good nutrition. Through the nonprofit, those providers were reimbursed for the food they served their day care children, provided they followed guidelines set by the USDA.

Graduating from Harvard University and achieving international ranking in competitive swimming many years ago, Barton said she is a hard worker who knows what it takes to achieve excellence, both personally and professionally.

She described herself as a “bottom line” type of person, motivated by taking action with the organization’s goals and strategies, rather than endlessly talking about “someday” accomplishing those goals.

In addition to working with the state Department of Transportation and making recommendations regarding the Lahaina Bypass, Barton will work with community leaders and LBN’s loyal volunteer base to further the progress of LBN’s nine core strategies stated above.

Lahaina Bypass Now seeks transportation solutions that will produce a better quality of life for West Maui residents and visitors, with the ultimate goal of expanding these agendas island-wide. With an open and collaborative approach to creating solutions, LBN works cooperatively with the DOT, Maui mayor and County Council, and local businesses and residents.

Anyone interested in joining Lahaina Bypass Now is encouraged to call Barton at 661-7161, e-mail info@lahainabypassnow.com or visit the organization’s website at www.lahainabypassnow.com.