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Ebb & Flow Arts to release a new CD, ‘Premiere Recordings’

By Staff | Jul 2, 2021

KEOKEA — Ebb & Flow Arts will soon release its fifth commercial CD. “Premiere Recordings” will comprise several works that have never been recorded.

This CD, produced during the pandemic, comprises six pieces: “Music for Two Pianos” by George Walker; “Polyphonic Songs” for solo violin by Shinhee Park; “Glissées” for solo cello by Isang Yun; “Trio” for violin, cello and piano by Edward T. Cone; “Five Preludes” for piano by Vivian Fine; and “Fata Morgana” for solo piano by Winston Choi.

The dates of composition range from 1939 to 2018.

Performers include Minghuan Xu and Ignace Jang, violinists; Alexander Hersh and Sung Chan Chang, cellists; and Adam Tendler, Robert Pollock, Naomi Niskala and Winston Choi, pianists.

“We are particularly grateful to our Grammy Award-winning master engineer, Da-Hong Seetoo,” said Ebb & Flow Arts Executive Director Robert Pollock.

“His devotion and interest will make our new CD a remarkably well-sounding experience.”

Also coming soon via CDBaby is Tendler’s live, legendary, memorized performance, on Maui, of John Cage’s “Sonatas and Interludes” for prepared piano.

These releases are part of E&FA’s annual multi-day, multi-site, international NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST FESTIVAL 2021.

The 2021 festival is produced, in part, with support from the AHS Foundation, John R. Halligan Charitable Fund, Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music, Edward T. Cone Foundation, Amphion Foundation, BMI Foundation, Kosasa Family Foundation (ABC Stores), Vendetti Productions LLC, and private contributions.

Ebb & Flow Arts Inc. is a nonprofit presenter of modern music and multimedia events. Founded in 1999 by Composer/Pianist Pollock, it aims to build bridges between the arts and connect artistic expressions and cultures.

E&FA creates a global soundboard and mirror for music and art in Hawaii. Visit www.ebbandflowarts.org or call (808) 876-1854 for more information.