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Students to stage ‘The Bully Plays’

By Staff | Nov 8, 2018

Students explore cyber bullying. Pictured (from left) are: bottom row — Jaysen Giroux, Kakela Delatori and Amber Seelig; top — Dwight Semanero, Lauryn Ige, Deither Dadiz and Dominique Turner.

WAILUKU – The Baldwin Performing Arts Learning Center and Baldwin Theatre Guild will stage “The Bully Plays,” a collection of short plays written by different authors.

Directed by Linda Carnevale, shows are set for Nov. 9, 10, 16, 17, 18 and 19 with performances at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 3 p.m. Sundays and Mondays, at the Loudon Mini-Theatre in back of the Baldwin High School campus.

“The plays are touching, imaginative, powerful, uplifting and funny. This collection of short plays will challenge, inspire and enlighten your audiences and help you confront the issue of bullying in a constructive and creative way,” Dramatic Publishing noted.

Sixteen cast members play three or more different characters in the plays, which include:

“Bully-Bully” by Cherie Bennett – With the help of her goodie-two-shoes alter-ego and her hilarious dog, a teen girl who just wants to be popular and fit in learns that if you aren’t part of the solution. you’re part of the problem.

“The Bully Pulpit” by Dwayne Hartford – Barbara wants to be class president so that she can stamp out bullying.

“A Bully There Be” by Lisa Dillman – In a royal palace, a serving wench schools an arrogant prince as to the causes and consequences of his insistent bullying of the court jester.

“Bystander Blues” by Trish Lindberg – The inner thoughts of a group of bystanders watching a bullying incident, along with the feelings of the target, seek to understand the power of the bystander in any bullying situation.

“Downhill” by Eric Coble – How can a corporate executive having a bad day end up ruining the coloring plans of a little girl? This play explores the inevitable flow of fear and impatience from the top down.

“The Final Testimony of Henry Samsom” by Y. York – The ultimate court judges a teenager accused of sexual misconduct.

“Flash Mob” by Elizabeth Wong – When her tennis racket is stolen again, Izzie finally tells her tennis coach. But instead of being protected, now she’s vilified at school as a snitch.

“Her” by Geraldine Ann Snyder – A clique of high school bullies target a girl at school. The result of the constant abuse is tragic.

“Send” by Linda Daugherty – Alyssa sends an inappropriate picture of herself to her boyfriend. After their breakup, her photo goes viral. She sinks into depression while those responsible face unexpected consequences.

“What Goes Around” by D.W. Gregory – A bullying boss sets off an emotional chain reaction that comes back to him in ways he never imagined.

Tickets are $8 for adults, $7 for senior citizens, $6 for students ages 11-17 and $3 for youth ten and under. Tickets are available at the door 45 minutes before show time. Presale tickets may be purchased through any cast member or by calling 727-3297.