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Ebb & Flow Arts to present free multimedia show

By Staff | May 12, 2016

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Tom Vendetti filmed Manu Rimdu, celebrating the establishment of Buddhism in Tibet, in the new film “The Tibetan Illusion Destroyer.”

WAILUKU – On Saturday, May 21, at 7:30 p.m. at the Iao Theatre in Wailuku, Ebb & Flow Arts will present a 3D film preview of an upcoming film, “The Tibetan Illusion Destroyer,” by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Tom Vendetti.

Documenting a fascinating glimpse of the Buddhist tradition, Vendetti traveled to the Romgbuk Monastery in Tibet to film. Situated near the base of Mount Everest at 16,340 feet above sea level, it is the highest monastery in the world.

“Manu Rimdu, celebrating the establishment of Buddhism in Tibet, is a 19-day sequence of sacred ceremonies and empowerments culminating in a public festival lasting four days,” Vendetti explained.

“The purpose of the ceremony is to destroy illusion that leads to human suffering and promote empowerment for prosperity, happiness and a long life.”

“This is where the Mani Rimdu ceremony originated,” said Vendetti. “Over time, it was moved to the other side of Mount Everest, and is currently held for the public in the Tongboche and the Chiwong Monasteries in Nepal.”

On May 21, Ebb & Flow’s Music of the Spheres (MOTS) will screen three of their works: “Moe’uhane” by composer and videographer Peter Swanzy of Haiku and visual artist Tomas Belslky of Hilo; “Moonflight” by Otto Luening; and “Studies in Microscopy” by Gary Greenberg.

“We are thrilled to present a wide-ranging multimedia show with 3D film, plus our finest jazz musicians,” said Ebb & Flow Executive Director Robert Pollock. “Also featured is the Maui Jazz Quartet, which features many of jazz legend Emil Richard’s compositions.”

Ebb & Flow Arts presented the release of Maui Jazz Quartet’s CD, now available on the Internet at www.cdbaby.com/cdemilrichards5.

This event is part of Ebb & Flow’s annual, multi-day, multi-site, international NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST FESTIVAL 2016. Ebb & Flow Arts Inc. is a nonprofit presenter of modern music and multimedia events. It is the only such presenter in Hawaii and was founded in 1999 by composter/pianist Pollock. It aims to build bridges among the arts and connect artistic expressions and cultures. Ebb & Flow creates a global soundboard and mirror for music and art in Hawaii.

“We also teach children how to read and write music with ‘Scaling Haleakala,’ an original curriculum,” Pollack noted.

For further information, visit www.ebbandflowarts.org, call (808) 876-1185 or e-mail ebbandflowarts2013@gmail.com.