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Please your taste buds at Lahaina Prime Rib and Fish Company

By Staff | Apr 19, 2012

Executive Chef Keith Brian Salvador presents his superb cuisine. photo by rob reed.

LAHAINA – “The art of dining well is no slight art, the pleasure not a slight pleasure,” said Montagne. And to dine well and experience culinary pleasure right here on Front Street in Old Lahaina Town, all you need to do is visit Lahaina Prime Rib & Fish Company. Oh yes, your taste buds will be pleased!

“For years we’ve been known as the Lahaina Fish Company,” said genial Manager Del Uehara, “and now we have experienced great success as the new Lahaina Prime Rib & Fish Company.”

And what a magical location they enjoy at 831 Front St., with the restaurant jutting out over the ocean and a 180-degree view of the sun sinking into the sea or disappearing behind the neighboring island of Lanai, depending on the time of year.

At the helm of creating such fine cuisine is talented Executive Chef Keith Brian Salvador, born in Santa Clara, California (the rest of his family was born in Hawaii). Chef Salvador came to Maui, “because my roots are here and Maui is Heaven on Earth!”

His dad was born right here in Old Lahaina Town, while his mother was born in Wailuku.

“My mom deserves most of the credit for raising me, single-handed,” said Chef Salvador. “I love you, Ma.

“I’m also proud of my Uncle Bill and Uncle Al, who both won Gold Medals in the 1976 Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany.”

Chef Salvador attended Kapiolani Culinary College in Honolulu and worked at many restaurants before settling at the Lahaina Prime Rib & Fish Company.

“The restaurant has given me creative freedom to experience with specials and combining flavors,” said Chef Salvador. “Our goal is to purchase and serve fresh, natural and organic products.”

Well, we were certainly the blessed ones to feast on his culinary creations using such fine ingredients.

For appetizers, we were served three Mini Poke Tacos with fresh cubed, marinated tuna and Edamame Guacamole. Can’t you just imagine how delectable that healthful combination is? We could have made a complete meal of that scrumptious starter!

Another appetizer to overwhelm your taste buds is the Seared Pepper Scallops – it’s such a smooth, creamy sauce, you’ll want to scoop up the last dab of it.

The Kula Strawberry & Goat Cheese Salad is a marvelous combination with tossed field greens, toasted walnuts and a Papaya Seed Dressing, while the Upcountry Arugula Salad consisted of Maui grown arugula, avocado, Surfing Goat Dairy Chevre Crostini, Italian vinaigrette and balsamic drizzle, topped with toasted mac nuts. It just doesn’t get any better or healthful than that!

Everyone is familiar with the pastrami rueben, but have you ever tried a Mahi Rueben? Get ready for a treat! Leave it to Executive Chef Salvador to create such an intriguing seafood sandwich!

The rueben is grilled and served on butter-toasted rye bread with melted imported Swiss cheese. Accompanied with homemade coleslaw and Thousand Island Dressing, it’s a perfect Mahi Rueben!

Lahaina Prime Rib & Fish Company serves only the very freshest fish, and how we enjoyed the Seafood Lau Lau, a “Taste of Lahaina” winner. This dazzling creation features sauted mahi, shrimp, scallops, Molokai sweet potatoes and spinach sauted in a flavorful oyster and sherry sauce over ti leaves with marvelous Jasmine Rice. The combination of dark purple Molokai sweet potatoes and dazzling green spinach

always makes an eye-catcher of a dish! Brimming with seafood, what a winner this dish is!

The Cajun-Seared Monchong, a mild white filet, is served over caramelized Maui onion with mashed potatoes and topped with a tropical salsa and balsamic drizzle – a beautiful presentation!

But now let’s get to the newest addition on the menu: the prime rib itself!

The Hawaiian Sea Salt-Crusted, Aged Angus Prime Rib Au Jus is served with fries or Loaded Maui Onion Mash, zesty creamed horseradish and traditional English peas. I fairly gasped when our “House-Cut” Prime Rib was served – it was HUGE! Absolutely a Prime Rib Lover’s dream come true; it fairly filled the whole plate!

One can order the Country Cut, a lighter version, or the Lahaina Cut, a pound-and-a-half of bone-in rib fit for a king!

Oh, so very succulent and perfect with a dab of horseradish on each morsel!

Executive Chef Salvador is certainly one fine chef – and a modest one at that!

“You may be the helmsman, but it takes a crew to become successful,” said Chef Salvador.

The stunning cuisine created by Executive Chef Salvador is complimented by an extensive wine list, balmy oceanside dining and warm Hawaiian hospitality.

The Art of Dining Well is no slight art, and you will certainly experience the art of dining well at the Lahaina Prime Rib & Fish Company. Call 661-3472.

Pau for now…