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Kama‘aina Kids Dive Day — Scuba diving with purpose

By Staff | Jul 9, 2021

Maui teens will learn about diving and coral reef ecology during the July 17 Dive Day.

LAHAINA — Maui teens ages 12-19 are encouraged to sign up for an underwater educational adventure on July 17.

Introduction to Scuba lessons will be given along with education on coral reef ecology — specifically coral bleaching and coral health.

This is a two-dive adventure from 7 a.m. until roughly 3 p.m. Participants will first receive a brief lesson from PADI instructors on the basics of scuba diving, controlling one’s breathing rate and buoyancy control, then get fitted for equipment and off on dive one.

During the surface interval, participants will learn from marine scientists about coral reefs, reef health, and coral bleaching.

The fundamentals learned during the first dive will allow participants to make observations about coral health during the second dive, as well as participate in an underwater reef cleanup.

After the dives, participants will help sort and weigh the marine debris from the cleanup, and log that information into a global database.

Extended Horizons Scuba is a mom-and-pop business based in Lahaina for the past 38 years.

“Each year, PADI dive shops celebrate Women’s Dive Day, and I know it was important for my younger self to see female role models in the scuba and boating industry,” said owner Victoria Martocci.

“But I felt a desire to go beyond gender and take advantage of this special day to promote inclusivity in the dive industry to young Maui residents who haven’t had the chance to try diving yet. There’s nothing that compares to the smiles on teens’ faces after diving for the first time.”

After consulting with Archie Kalepa on the feasibility of getting this program out to Maui keiki, he was excited by the idea of Maui teens being able to explore the underwater parts of our local neighborhood in a new way, with a focus on education and learning about our precious resources.

There is a $10 registration fee, and a light lunch is included for participants.

The event is open to Maui residents ages 12-19. Sixteen spots are available.

Call or text Extended Horizons at (808) 667-0611 to sign up.