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State Land Board approves public hearings on new fee increases at small boat harbors

By Staff | Dec 20, 2018

HONOLULU – The Board of Land & Natural Resources recently voted to approve a proposal by the Department of Land & Natural Resources’ Division of Boating & Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) to move forward with public hearings on new proposed fees at small boat harbors.

It’s been nearly 25 years since DOBOR last increased fee amounts for utilities and facilities at state small boat harbors and nearly seven years for mooring fees.

The proposal is an effort by DOBOR to align small boat harbor and boating facility fees to reflect current market rates, DLNR reported.

Included in the proposed fee hikes are mooring, utility, facility, storage, ramp and commercial permit fees. Notices were sent to more than 10,000 affected boaters for informal comments and feedback.

Public hearings will be set for later dates. The draft rules can be viewed at each of DOBOR’s district offices or at dlnr.hawaii.gov/dobor/draft-rules/.