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Mahalo Lahaina!

By Staff | Dec 26, 2013

Sacred Hearts School students appreciate the community’s support during the Bank for Education contest.

LAHAINA – After 12 weeks of competition in the Bank for Education contest, Sacred Hearts School is ready to give it a rest, but not before thanking our parents, students, aunties, uncles, grandparents, neighbors and coworkers.

If you live in Lahaina and weren’t asked to open a checking or savings account at American Savings Bank, we’re sorry we missed you!

Nearly 500 new accounts were opened in support of Sacred Hearts School over the course of the contest. We are beyond proud of the effort put forth by our school and church community.

It was just amazing to watch the two groups come together with such determination. The fight was long, hard and close for weeks on end.

Maui Adventist and Our Lady of Good Counsel gave us a run for our money. Each week, one of us would be on top. Our rankings were in constant shift, with the three of us rising and falling from #1.

Now, all we can do is wait. The results of the contest will not be announced until January. Regardless of results, we are truly thankful to everyone who supported the school over the course of the competition.

We are humbled by the efforts of nearly 500 friends who took the time to open an account and support our school. We are also grateful for the long hours and incredible support of the entire staff at American Savings Bank.

The $50,000 prize would be earmarked for improvements to our school cafeteria. The 40-year-old structure is used six days a week by the school and church and is in need of upgrades.

We look forward to the announcement of the contest winner. In the meantime, we will pause and give thanks for our many friends here in Lahaina.