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Grounded boat near breakwall removed

By Staff | Jul 5, 2012

The sailboat was lifted onto a flatbed last week Monday.

LAHAINA – A salvage operation to remove a 35-foot sailboat from Victoria, Canada, the Baidarka, from the reef outside Lahaina Small Boat Harbor was completed last week Monday.

Parker Marine, a salvage company, was hired by the boat’s owner, A.J. Hesford, to remove the vessel. The cost will be covered by vessel’s insurance company.

On Saturday morning, Parker Marine secured heavy lines to the vessel and its mast. By afternoon, crews began pulling them in with a winch to nearby Kamehameha Iki Park.

By the end of the day on Sunday, the boat was up on the beach, and on Monday, a crane placed it on a flatbed truck to remove the vessel for disposal.

PENCO was hired by the boat’s owner to remove an estimated 150 gallons of fuel under state Department of Boating and Ocean Recreation and Coast Guard monitoring.

The Baidarka is surrounded by surf school students near Lahaina Harbor. Photos by Nick Giaconi/DOBOR.

Following the removal, state aquatic biologists will survey the grounding site to assess any possible damage to the reef.

The vessel broke free from its location at a Lahaina Yacht Club mooring either Sunday evening, June 17, or Monday morning, June 18, then came ashore on the reef in front of King Kamehameha III School on the south side of the harbor breakwall.