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Panel to discuss sustainable seafood in Hawaii

By Staff | Nov 17, 2011

MAALAEA – Seventy-five percent of all seafood consumed in Hawaii is flown or shipped here from the U.S. Mainland or other countries, the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council reported.

Is it possible to achieve a higher degree of sustainability in Hawaii on our seafood consumption? What are capabilities of our local fisheries – and can they meet the demand of our residents and visitors?

To help answer these questions, Pacific Whale Foundation will host a panel discussion titled “Pole or Plane? Sustainable Seafood in Hawaii” on Thursday, Nov. 17, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at its Discovery Center in Maalaea.

The evening will help consumers learn to rate the sustainability of the seafood available to them, as well as learn about plans for a fish farming operation off Maui’s coast. The presentation is free and open to all.

Presenters will include Sheila Bowman, senior manager of outreach and education for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, and Donn Wakamatsu of Whole Foods.

Chad Yokouchi of Maui Fresh Fish LLC will give an update on the large, state-of-the-art fish hatchery his company is building on Maui’s North Shore.

He will also discuss plans to lease approximately 125 acres of ocean space located .8 nautical miles off the south side of Lanai.

The company’s objective is to raise opakapaka from eggs at their hatchery, then grow them to market size in their 7,000-cubic-meter Aquapod net pens submerged in the sea.

Questions for the panel may be submitted in advance to merrillkaufman@pacificwhale.org.

For information, call 856-8322.