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Lahaina Heritage site gets a facelift

By Staff | Aug 5, 2010

Workers install the widow’s walk on top of the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store, one of Lahaina’s oldest buildings.

LAHAINA — MauiGrown Coffee Company Store, one of the oldest buildings in Lahaina, recently got a facelift.

A new widow’s walk — patterned after the architectural feature that once graced the roof of this historic building — was installed on July 14.

Built in the late 1800s, this former Company Office and Store, along with the smokestack behind it, were part of the former Pioneer Mill that operated from 1860 to 1999. 

According to Lahaina Restoration Foundation, the building’s adaptive reuse as a coffee store located in an authentic venue helps preserve Lahaina’s rich plantation legacy. 

The wraparound lanai, pediment windows and hipped roof, which once featured a widow’s walk, are representative of the sugar plantation era in its heyday.

The building retains many of the original interior finishes characteristic of the period, and store displays also pay homage to the area’s historical roots.

“This former Company Store is a window to Lahaina’s past,” said Kimo Falconer, MauiGrown Coffee Inc. president, who served as director of agriculture at Pioneer Mill. 

“Generations of island families once worked in this area, and it was once the site of a thriving plantation. Visiting the store and the adjacent smokestack is like taking a deep breath of nostalgia.”

The MauiGrown Coffee Company Store is located at 277 Lahainaluna Road. For information, visit www.MauiGrownCoffee.com or call 661-2728.