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MVRA offers free 2018 membership to all permitted vacation rentals

By Staff | Mar 22, 2018

KAHULUI – The Maui Vacation Rental Association (MVRA) announced it is offering free membership in 2018 to all permitted vacation rentals in Maui County.

Ordinarily, the annual membership fee is $99.

MVRA invites all legally permitted short-term rental homes (STRH), bed and breakfast homes (B&B) and vacation rental managers representing these legally permitted properties to join MVRA free of charge for 2018.

“We want to expand the membership of MVRA so all permitted properties are on board,” said Tom Croly, chair of the MVRA Board of Directors.

“It will benefit the vacation rental owners by keeping them informed of the latest legislation and issues relating to Maui County vacation rentals, and by growing our membership, MVRA will become a more powerful and united voice in representing our industry.”

Many vacation rental owners who have successfully been granted their permits may think they don’t need to be involved any further, said Croly, but laws and taxes related to vacation rental uses are constantly being re-examined and amended by the Planning Department and County Council.

MVRA continues to be a part of that process and strives to keep its members informed about these changes and how they can best respond.

MVRA was formed in 2002 for the purpose of establishing fair regulation of short-term rental and B&B uses of single-family homes in Maui County. At that time, there were fewer than 25 legally permitted short-term rentals in Maui County, and the industry was largely unregulated.

With MVRA’s participation, the county established the B&B and STRH ordinances, and today there are more than 350 permitted B&B and STRH permit holders.

“MVRA’s goal,” said Croly, “is that everyone who wishes to rent a home – or a portion of the home they live in – for short-term will first get properly permitted. This helps control short-term rental uses to best fit into their neighborhoods and puts everyone on a level playing field.”

For more information on the group, visit www.MVRA.net.