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Vehicle decals now permitted if they don’t obstruct driver’s view of the road

By Staff | Aug 20, 2015

West Maui County Councilwoman Elle Cochran introduced Traffic Ordinance 413.342.

WAILUKU – A new Maui County ordinance allows the placement of signs, posters and nontransparent materials on vehicle side and rear windows that don’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road, Councilmember Elle Cochran announced last week.

Traffic Ordinance 413.342 took effect Sunday, Aug. 9, after being approved by the council on Friday, Aug. 7.

The measure was introduced by Cochran as a response to constituents having undue difficulty obtaining a vehicle safety check sticker.

The Maui County Code previously prohibited the display of decals of any size on a vehicle’s rear and side windows, even if they didn’t obstruct the driver’s view.

“Oftentimes, vehicles adorned with decals convey personal messages or allow owners to express their sense of style,” Cochran said.

“The prior law appeared to overreach a bit; small stickers that don’t impede views of the roadway are not a threat to public safety.”

The ordinance can be reviewed online at MauiCounty.us/cochran.