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Island Cream Co. serves unique new treats

By Staff | Feb 19, 2015

Island Cream Co. opened at Lahaina Gateway Center in October.

LAHAINA – Offering a one-of-a-kind, tasty hybrid of ice cream and gelato, Island Cream Co. recently opened at Lahaina Gateway Center.

Owner Dan Blessing combined his background in business, chemistry and cooking to launch the store, which he envisions franchising in the future.??

With popular flavors like Lahaina Cream flavored with Kahlua and whiskey, Coffee Crunch with chocolate cookies, Kauai Caramel with dulce de leche and roasted pecans, Carmel Apple with green apple, and Mac Nut (both vanilla and chocolate) with double-roasted macadamia nuts, customers are encouraged to sample as many flavors as they like before ordering a four-ounce serving.

There are 36 flavors out at a time, and Blessing has 120 recipes and counting.

Before launching his business in October 2014, Blessing researched gelato and ice cream, how stores make them and toppings.

While traditional stores may take ice cream and include broken up cookies and candy bars, Blessing makes all Island Cream products in-house using high-quality, all-natural products.??

The French Toast Island Cream, for example, includes a full loaf of French toast, and Carmel Popcorn includes many bags of popcorn mixed in.??

“At the Island Cream Co., it is our desire to bring excellence to every recipe – we want every flavor to be the best you ever had,” the store’s website explains.??

“We will have tastes and recipes you have never had before. We bake many products to incorporate them in our creams, like shortcake, chocolate cake, cookies and popcorn.”??

A bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen, Blessing has invented unusual combinations like Blackberry Sweet Corn; Coconut Poi with poi, almonds and white chocolate; and Hilo Hot Chocolate with cayenne pepper.??

“While cooking, I think of crazy stuff that I can make; things people may not have had before,” he commented.

Island Cream Co. also sells fat-free sorbet, cones and hot fudge. Crispy waffle cones come in chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon flavors.??

Blessing was president of Arcadian Services for 30 years until August 2013, traveling the country and building car wash systems. In his work, he also created chemicals for the new car wash locations. ??

His job gave him a strong foundation in the “science of researching things.” Today, this has Blessing evaluating if the oils from certain nuts will clash with other ingredients in his Island Cream, for example.??

“We are doing something not comparable to ice cream. It has a smooth creaminess with high-intensity flavors. It’s a hybrid between gelatos and ice cream,” he explained.??

“Customers can have as many samples as they like – we realize the uniqueness of it.”??

Reviews have been positive. A customer wrote in a Yelp review, “This place is absolutely the bomb! Best ice cream ever with flavors you will not find anywhere else.” Another posted, “Tons of flavors to choose from. Really some of the best ice cream anywhere, not just Maui.”??

Blessing and his wife fell in love with Maui in 1981 and visited the island frequently before moving here.??

Store hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. For information, visit islandcreamco.com or call (808) 298-0916.