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Hawaii Ocean Project supports marine research

By Staff | Dec 25, 2014

Dr. Dan Salden and the Hawaii Whale Research Team at work on the vessel Deep Blue. PHOTO BY KRISTEN DeCRAUSAZ.

LAHAINA – Hawaii Ocean Project, part of Lahaina Cruise Company, is continuing a long-term project to ensure that scientists receive the funds they need to conduct research to understand Hawaii’s marine environment.

After 35 years of business in the tourism and boating industry, Hawaii Ocean Project (HOP) Capt. David H. Jung decided to form this community-based division of the company.

The project’s “100% Research Direct” Program collects donations to support science.

“We have an immediate need for our community to support legitimate and peer-reviewed research on Hawaii’s whales, dolphins and marine ecosystem,” said Jung.

One-hundred percent of every dollar donated to the research direct program supports the work of Mark and Debbie Ferrari of The Center for Whale Studies, Dr. Joseph Mobley of Marine Mammal Research Consultants Ltd. and the University of Hawaii, Dr. Meagan Jones of Whale Trust, Dr. Robin Baird of Cascadia Research Collective, and Jill Mickelsen of Hawaii Whale Research Foundation.

“Our recipients are not subject to pressure in any form to slant their findings,” Jung explained.

“We aim at keeping the program simple and honest; therefore, 100 percent of all research direct donations collected will support genuine research.”

A Hawaii Ocean Project membership includes 25 percent off all excursions for one year, including whale watches, dinner cruises, snorkel trips, cocktail cruises and tours of Molokai. Hawaii Ocean Project is available to serve both residents and visitors.

One of HOP’s additional goals is to gather a coalition of businesses island-wide to spur contributions to the researchers. In return, Hawaii Ocean Project will promote participating businesses to their onboard guests.

For more information, visit www.hawaiioceanproject.com or call (808) 667-6165.