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Renovated Honolua Store open

By Staff | Mar 6, 2014

The five-month renovation project increased the size of Honolua Store and added new interior and exterior amenities.

KAPALUA – The historic Honolua Store in Kapalua Resort recently reopened after undergoing five months of major renovations.

The remodeling increased the size of the store and added new interior and exterior amenities, including a Honolua Deli and coffee bar with lanai-style dining areas.

The latest and most efficient refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting were also installed, along with a photovoltaic energy system.

Natural wood flooring, rustic merchandise displays, photos and artifacts of the old plantation days help artistically preserve Honolua Store’s original look and feel.

Honolua Store offers breakfast, lunch and dinner; groceries; produce; fine wines and spirits; drugs; and cosmetics.

Call Honolua Store at 665-9133 for store hours and for daily local deli specials.