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Kapalua Resort’s Mahana Ridge Trail open for hikers

By Staff | Feb 27, 2014

KAPALUA – Kapalua Resort Association announced that the Mahana Ridge Trail re-opened on Feb. 17. The trail was closed for the past year due to dangerous conditions where the trail crosses the Mahana Estates construction site.

Improvements in the area have reached the point where it is now safe to re-open the trail.

Printed trail maps are available at the Kapalua Village Center and Kapalua Resort hotel concierge desks. All of the maps for the Kapalua Trails are also available at the “Resort Maps” tab at www.kapaluara.com.

The trail crosses through the Mahana Estates construction site, so hikers have to stay on the trail in the area; signs are posted.

There is still ongoing construction and heavy equipment operating in the area, so caution is required. Also be cautious of trail work and any areas under repair.

The trail is accessible from various points, including the trailhead at D.T. Fleming Beach near Kapalua Preschool, from the Kapalua Village Center (through the tunnels under the highway), and via the trailhead at the Maunalei Arboretum.

The Kapalua Shuttle provides transportation between the resort and the arboretum on the following schedule: pick-up at Kapalua Village Center, 9:30 a.m.; pick-up at Maunalei Arboretum, 9:50 a.m.; pick-up at Kapalua Village Center, 11:30 a.m.; pick-up at Maunalei Arboretum, 11:50 a.m.; pick-up at Kapalua Village Center, 1:30 p.m. (only for those planning on hiking back to the resort via the Mahana Ridge Trail – no further pick-ups at arboretum after this trip); and pick-up at Maunalei Arboretum, 1:50 p.m.

Schedule trips to the arboretum by calling the Kapalua Shuttle at 665-9110. Seating is limited; hikers without a reservation may not be able to be accommodated.

The road from the arboretum back to the highway is on private property; hikers are not allowed to walk down the road.

Kapalua Resort Association has been granted an easement to access the arboretum trail, but all hikers must be transported through the neighborhood by the Kapalua Shuttle.

As always, hikers should be prepared whenever hiking with proper attire, water, nutrition and a cell phone in case of an emergency.

For more information, to participate in volunteer trail work days or make financial contributions toward trail improvements and maintenance, contact Kapalua Resort Association at info@kapaluara.com or 665-3747.