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Chef provides seeds for Maui County schools

By Staff | Aug 22, 2013

WEST MAUI – Chef Paris Nabavi came into the life of the Maui School Garden Network two years ago, when he offered to cover all the organic seed purchases for Maui County’s K-12 schools.

For the third straight school year, Nabavi will continue his generous support of the program.

Realizing that each of us has the kuleana (responsibility and privilege) to educate and nourish our children, Nabavi is passionate about bringing healthy eating, sustainable growing practices and fun back into the way we eat.

His current initiatives include partnering with Maui School Garden Network to sponsor organic seed purchases for school gardens throughout the islands of Maui County and working in the community to revolutionize the way families eat at school and at home.

As a result, more than 5,000 children in Maui County have been impacted by the Maui School Garden Network and its partner organizations that cover 41 school garden programs.

Nabavi runs two restaurants in West Maui: Pizza Paradiso and Cilantro Mexican Grill.