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Minit-Medical Urgent Care now offers Intense Pulsed Light treatment options

By Staff | Jul 18, 2013

Intense but gentle pulses of light are generated by the next-generation NaturaLight equipment.

LAHAINA – Interested in looking younger? Some cutting-edge technology has come to the West Side.

Minit-Medical Urgent Care Clinic now has the capability of providing the latest, high-tech, non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Known as IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, the technology uses the properties of different wavelengths of light to affect the skin in beneficial ways.

Intense but gentle pulses of light are generated by the next-generation NaturaLight equipment. As the light passes through different crystals, the wavelength is focused to provide different results, including removal of revealing sunspots on the face and arms, and skin tightening around the eyes and neck.

Hair removal is always a popular request, as is removal of spider veins. Even acne and rosacea respond to a certain specific wavelength.


And for stubborn areas, such as spider veins on the legs or tough to remove hair, there’s even an Nd-Yag laser beam that delivers only pure laser light to the treatment area.

No one likes to talk about it, but in tropical climates like Maui’s, toenail fungus is becoming more and more common. Embarrassing and unsightly, people suffer unnecessarily with the condition for years, mainly because the current treatment options with prescription medications are expensive, taxing to the liver and body, and after months of treatment often yield and incomplete result.

Treatment of the toenails with the Nd YAG laser offers a safer, more effective and much more rapid destruction of the infection.

In fact, all cosmetic treatments done with IPL and laser boast a “zero down-time” result, which is probably why non-surgical cosmetic procedures are becoming ever more popular compared to plastic surgery, which has been in a decades-long plateau.

Dr. Sean Gupton has received his training and certification in IPL and laser treatments in Las Vegas, one of the largest cosmetic dermatology hubs in the country.

His wife, Jennifer Gupton, is a licensed esthetician, having received her training right here on Maui in Haiku.

So if you’re intrigued to turn back the clock on Mother Nature, call Minit-Medical and ask about Lahaina Esthetics, the only cosmetic IPL and Laser Treatment Center on the West Side. Call 667-6161.