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Wellness Veterinary Services offers in-home veterinary care

By Staff | Jan 17, 2013

Dr. Susan Baillie has worked extensively as both a companion animal regular veterinarian and as an emergency after-hours veterinarian.

LAHAINA – If you have a cat that yowls all the way to the clinic, a dog that shakes when you pull into the parking at the veterinary office, or if you just prefer to have a calm, one-on-one visit with your veterinarian in the comfort of your home, at a park or at the beach, then Wellness Veterinary Services (WVS) may be just what you are looking for.

Led by Dr. Susan Baillie, WVS is a mobile small animal veterinary practice that offers at-home visits at in-clinic prices.

Baillie said WVS is committed to working closely with pet owners to maximize individual pet health and overall quality of life. Full medical and general history, as well as the often-overlooked day-to-day routines that owners have with their pets, are essential to this process.

“Being able to observe the dogs or cats in their own environment allows for us to ‘get the real picture’ and experience the true personality and quirks of each pet that we see. We enter our client’s homes with an intentionally relaxed and friendly demeanor and strive to have your pets feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire process,” she explained.

WVS offers routine wellness exams, geriatric exams for older pets, full blood work and diagnostics, chronic disease management, and minor surgical procedures. WVS is available 24/7 for urgent care house calls.

Depending on the hour, prices may vary. Baillie said the company strives to make quality care available to all and has a maximum charge of $95 for an after-hours emergency call.

After moving to Maui in 2011, Baillie worked for the first ten months at West Maui Animal Clinic. Falling in love with the community and way of life on Maui, she decided to make this her forever home. She is a student at the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and is currently working on her acupuncture certification.

Dr. Baillie graduated from the U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005 and started her “real-life training” as a veterinarian at a 24-hour small animal facility in Los Angeles.

Call (808) 652-4800 or visit www.wvsmaui.com for information.