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County of Maui honors dedicated employees

By Staff | Nov 17, 2011

WAILUKU – The County of Maui recognized top employees and managers during the 24th annual Maui Employee Recognition Luncheon at Maui Tropical Plantation on Oct. 27.

Every year, the county selects the best of its dedicated employees, managers and retirees to recognize their hard work.

“The essence of local government is to serve its people,” said Mayor Alan Arakawa.

“We are proud to recognize those who exemplify that dedication to service.”

The 2011 Employees of the Year are Cecile McMahon, Department of Environmental Management; Dulce Butay, Department of Finance; Chasserae Kaawa, Department of Fire & Public Safety; Jarene Murakami, Department of Management; Cheryl Akiona, Department of Parks & Recreation; Carolyn Cortez, Department of Planning; Davlynn Racadio, Maui Police Department; Liane Ogata, Department of the Prosecuting Attorney; Renee Segundo, Department of Public Works; Darren Konno, Department of Transportation; Leon Burgos, Department of Water Supply.

The Managers of the Year are Kimberly Sloper, Department of the Corporation Counsel; James Peat, Department of Environmental Management; Gery Madriaga, Department of Finance; Amos K. Lonokailua-Hewett, Department of Fire & Public Safety; Jacob Verkerke, Department of Management; Steven Ashfield, Department of Parks & Recreation; David Yamashita, Department of Planning; Wade Maeda, Maui Police Department; Byron Fujieda, Department of the Prosecuting Attorney; and Jase Miyabuchi, Department of Water Supply.

Teams of the Year that were recognized are Wastewater Reclamation Central Maintenance Section, Department of Environmental Management; DMVLA Fiscal Section, Department of Finance; Live Fire Training Cadre, Department of Fire & Public Safety; Kaunoa’s West Maui Senior Center, Meals on Wheels & Nutrition Program, Department of Housing & Human Concerns; Central Baseyard, Recreation and Support Services Division, Department of Parks & Recreation; Current Division Clerical Team, Department of Planning; Criminal Reduction Unit, Maui Police Department; and Circuit Court Clerical Staff, Department of the Prosecuting Attorney.

Honored retirees were congratulated for their years of service.