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County of Maui launches Employee Wellness Program

By Staff | Feb 10, 2011


WAILUKU — Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa and Managing Director Keith Regan last week announced the creation of Maui County’s Employee Wellness Program.

“A Healthier & Lighter Maui County” began on Feb. 1.

“Our goal is to get as many employees as possible to rise to the challenge set by this new county Employee Wellness Program and collectively lose more than a ton over the next six months,” said Regan.

The program focuses on eating better, moving more and achieving and maintaining an appropriate weight. Employees will form teams of six and attend biweekly weigh-ins and education sessions at several county offices.

“Mayor Arakawa and Managing Director Regan wanted to implement a weight loss challenge that would engage our employees in thinking about positive lifestyle changes,” said county Communications Director Rod Antone.

“Employees will hopefully appreciate the support the team concept brings and will be motivated by the scheduled weigh-ins,” added program Chair Lynn Araki-Regan.

Prizes will be offered to individual employees. A healthy lunch with Arakawa or Regan will be provided to the employee who loses the most pounds overall, as well as to the employee who loses the most percentage of body weight.

“Weight loss incentives in the workplace can help, as this is where most adults typically spend half or more of their waking hours,” said Araki-Regan.

When Regan left the county in January 2007, he weighed over 200 pounds. Now, four years later, after reducing his carbohydrate and fat intake and attending boot camp sessions three times a week, he has lost 30 pounds and is down to 170.

Regan stated that he now has a lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and he has dropped from a 38-inch waist to a comfortable 34-inch waist, as well as one shirt size (from XL to L).

Although he has had to get a new wedding band and wardrobe, Regan’s weight loss has resulted in him enjoying a dramatic increase in energy and stamina.

For more information, contact Tiffany Iida at 270-7211/tiffany.iida@mauicounty.gov or Araki-Regan at 280-1299.