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Wharf shop makes bikes and boards affordable

By Staff | Jul 29, 2010

Need fins and a boogie board? See Bobby Bill at Recycled Bikes & Boards.

LAHAINA — Need a bike or a surfboard but just don’t want to deal with something pricey and new? Visit The Wharf Cinema Center’s newest shop, Recycled Bikes & Boards. 

Since opening on July 1, the shop has gained popularity among bike and board enthusiasts. 

The store will buy used bikes and boards, repair them, sell them, and even buy them back when you’re done with them (as long as they are in decent condition).

Recycled Bikes & Boards sells used bikes, surfboards, boogie boards, kayaks and items on wheels.

Want to go snorkeling but don’t want to spend much? Stop by for masks and snorkels, swim fins and wetsuits. 

If you need repairs, there’s a “doctor” onsite. Just drop your equipment off and pick it up when called. The store also stocks parts. 

Owners Paul Laub and Bobby Bill have taken the concept of recycling beyond cans and bottles, and their customers love it.

Recycled Bikes & Boards is located next to the bus stop at the Luakini Street entrance of The Wharf.