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Turn old items into cash at West Maui Gold and Loan

By Staff | Mar 25, 2010

LAHAINA — Throughout the country, people are feeling the effects of the downturn in the economy. During these difficult times, people are finding new ways to stretch their dollar.

One way to make more cash available in your household is to revisit the contents of your closets, bottom dresser drawers and garage.

West Maui Gold and Loan in Lahaina buys and sells gold. Gold prices are higher than ever before — three times what they were just two years ago. Now is a great time to consider selling or recycling that old gold jewelry. 

The company deals in coins and jewelry, and Bobby Vierra — the original Journeymen Jeweler — is available to redesign or repair your special treasures. Store staff can answer your questions regarding value of personal items

West Maui Gold and Loan has been in the “Buy & Sell” business for over 19 years. They offer the option for customers to buy, sell or loan against items they own but no longer use or want.

West Maui Gold and Loan owner Dan Reardon said, “It is an opportunity for your old stuff to find new life through the use of others. At the same time, you can do something good for the environment and make a few bucks.”

The pawn business is the original “Green Business.”

“But we are more than a pawn store — we are your neighbors! West Maui residents, the staff can help you find or sell that perfect surfboard, computer, camera or power tool,” he said.

“We have ukuleles, over 200 guitars (acoustic and electric), as well as amps and mixers for your enjoyment.”

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly with experts in all areas of jewelry creation and repair work. The store also sells a wide range of computers and electronic items, surfboards and bicycles.

If you have questions, stop by West Maui Gold and Loan at 1000-H Limahana Place or call 667-7689.

Whether you have gold coins or electric power tools, or if you are buying or selling, stop by West Maui Gold and Loan for assistance.