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South Shore Veterinary Care offers the most current treatments available

By Staff | Mar 11, 2010

Visit the staff at the new South Shore Veterinary Care for a hospital tour.

KIHEI — South Shore Veterinary Care recently moved to a brand new facility in the Kihei Commercial Plaza at 330 Ohukai Road, Suite 107.

This more central location — mauka of the Tesoro gas station along Piilani Highway — is only 8-10 minutes from Maalaea. 

In the process, South Shore Veterinary Care doctors and staff created a “We Will Always Help” philosophy, and are ready to back it up.

Lahaina residents will still be offered a totally free first veterinary examination and professional consultation through March 15, 2010. If your pet needs a checkup or a second opinion, why not get it checked out free of charge? 

This is the first of many exciting programs at the new South Shore Veterinary Care. Just call 874-3422 to let the staff know you would like to take advantage of the program for Lahaina residents.

With the New Year, it has been a period of reflection and assessment for the owner, Dr. Demian Dressler. With the need to grow and move with the times, he realized these are “ruff” times for many animal lovers.

With personal stress reaching all-time highs in the home for some, a rearrangement of priorities has been his goal at the new hospital. How can the seasoned doctors and staff of this veterinary hospital best help make the lives of both pets and their humans easier?

The answer came from really paying attention to those things that are tough to deal with — who needs more problems in life these days? At the new South Shore Veterinary Care, the veterinary professionals have taken the time to really address those things, so you won’t have to.

How nice would it be to just be able to trust your pet’s health care is being taken care of with compassion, logic and current understanding of veterinary medicine and surgery? Both the veterinarians at the new South Shore Veterinary Care are experienced, on-the-ball, top-quality clinicians. 

Dr. Dressler graduated at the top of his class at the number-one ranked veterinary school in the U.S.A., and Dr. Kim Thomson-Kerr also graduated top of her class at the prestigious Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada.  

These bright animal doctors pinpointed issues that really should not be happening in veterinary medicine these days, whether in Maui or elsewhere. These include a vet that does not listen to your concerns about your pet. How frustrating is it to not get the information you need? At the new South Shore Veterinary Care, the doctors and staff make sure you have a clear understanding of what is going on, which makes everything easier to handle.

Another difficulty many people encounter is a veterinary problem that goes on and on. Could it be that perhaps your pet is not receiving the most current treatments available? Or maybe the strategy is not the best one for a given problem? 

A lack of new information acts like a roadblock to good outcomes. Both doctors regularly search medical literature to see if any new discoveries have been made to help tough to treat problems. The staff is also actively trained to ensure everyone can help.

Many are stressed these days about finances. Although for some, money is not a problem, for many more things are tight. Wouldn’t a payment plan make things easier, so installments can be made over time? Wouldn’t it be nice if your vet hospital was willing to work with you, so your pet could get needed veterinary medicine or surgery? South Shore Veterinary Care is the only vet facility on the island with an official payment plan.    

Bacteria in the mouth shorten pet life spans with invisible injury to internal organs. Most pet lovers don’t even know about it until many years later. The staff at South Shore are now performing hand-scaling for dental disease. This can be done on any compliant pet, where the dental disease is addressed without any anesthesia at a fraction of the cost. Hand-scaling is a win-win for everyone, and the pets walk right out the door. 

On top of this, the doctors will be available for a totally free, professional oral examination to assess your pet’s oral disease before March 15, 2010. They ask that you simply call 874-3422 and let the staff know you heard about hand-scaling.

How about when your pet does not get compassionate, modern care, including high-quality pain control? How about anesthetic safety, solid surgical technique, laser surgery and appropriate testing? All of these things are made priorities at the new South Shore Vet Care.

What if your vet wrote a book on cancer? What if your vet was part of the CORE network and had access to a revolutionary bioscaffold for arthritis in dogs? What if your vet could get a chemotherapy drug for your dog’s cancer at a massive discount? Well, these cutting-edge treatments are available here on Maui at South Shore.

What about getting to the root of problems that don’t seem to go away? These ongoing pet health problems can seem like a nightmare. Itchy pets are a prime example. What if we could design allergy vaccines for those itchy pets, just like in people?  What are the newest ideas on flea and tick control? How about health supplements? All are common practice at the new South Shore Veterinary Care.

You will see a few new faces at the new hospital, along with old-timers. Dr. Dressler is excited to be bringing on new staff members to really flesh out the quality of service and make sure it is number one on the island.

The doctors and staff at the new South Shore Veterinary Care are excited about these changes. When they say, “We will always help,” they mean it! Come get a hospital tour. Just go mauka up Ohukai Road off Piilani Highway. Take the second right once you pass the Tesoro, then your second left into the parking lot at Philmart. South Shore will be on the right.  

The staff will be pleased to hear from you and want to know how they can help your pet. Call 874-3422 today!