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Lindsey wins July’s Malama Lahaina Employee Award

By Staff | Aug 20, 2009

Terez Lindsey won the award for answering questions on the Seamen’s Hospital.

LAHAINA — Terez Lindsey of Lahaina Arts Society won July’s Malama Lahaina Employee Award for her knowledge of the Seamen’s Hospital.

Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s monthly contest seeks to increase Lahaina employees’ knowledge about the historical and cultural legacy of Lahaina, so they can share this information with their customers.

There is strong evidence to suggest that King Kamehameha III authorized the construction of this stone building at 1024 Front St. in 1833. Six years later, the building was given to Joaquin Armas in exchange for his services (rounding up cattle that freely roamed the island).

In 1844, the building was leased to the U.S. State Department for the Seamen’s Hospital, which served as a center for the treatment of sick and injured seaman.    

Due to the decline of the whaling industry in the 1860s, the Seamen’s Hospital closed in 1862. The building was then used as a boarding school for girls, private home and a meeting room for civic groups.

Lahaina Restoration Foundation acquired the property in 1973 and began restoration work on the building.

Bishop Museum excavated the site prior to the reconstruction of the hospital and uncovered a skeleton buried under a cornerstone. Today, the old Seamen’s Hospital houses the offices of Paradise Television Network.

For her resourcefulness, Terez received a $20 gift certificate from Mala Ocean Tavern.

Questions for the monthly program, which is sponsored by Penne Pasta and Mala Ocean Tavern, are faxed at the beginning of each month and can also be viewed at www.lahainarestoration.org. For more information, call LRF at 661-3262 or e-mail info@lahainarestoration.org.