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Employees learn about Lahaina’s history

By Staff | May 28, 2009

LAHAINA — Lahaina business owners and employees recently embarked on a walking tour of the historic sites in central Lahaina called “History in Our Front Yard” presented by Lahaina Restoration Foundation.

Program participants visited 18 historic sites, including the Baldwin Home Museum, Hauola Stone, Lahaina Heritage Museum, Hale Aloha and Hale Pa‘ahao. Along the way, foundation Board Member Karee Carlucci led a narrative tour of the sites.

The program was started last year by Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s Program Committee, whose members include Carlucci, Robert Kawaguchi, Andy Kutsunai (chairman) and Louisa Shelton.

The business orientation program is an offshoot of the successful, annual “History in Our Backyard” tour program for new teachers of both public and private West Maui schools.

John Jaskula, Jacob Wallace, Pat Nava and Kaia AhPuck of the Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club; Sharon Fredy of Banana Wind; Anabelle Paet and Lehua Hough of Friends of Moku‘ula; Anela Haina of Kaanapali Beach Hotel; Rob Neumann of Gerard’s; Bryant Neal of Lahaina Printsellers; and Jackie Hala, Chi Geyer, Suzanne Bryer-Ayers and Stuart Sharp of Lahaina Restoration Foundation participated in the program.

“The best part of the program was learning about all the historic sites and finding out new information, such as the history of Luakini Street,” said Fredy.

Participants were given color booklets with photos and descriptions of the tour sites and other points of interest in Lahaina Town, along with a resource guide, botanical photos and a historic timeline.

This free program for owners and employees of Lahaina businesses will be scheduled again in November. For more information, call 661-3262 or e-mail info@lahainarestoration.org. For information on the foundation, visit www.lahainarestoration.org.