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‘An Evening with Mark Twain’ now playing at the Pioneer Inn

By Staff | Sep 10, 2015

Versatile Maui actor Rick Scheideman plays the legendary American author and humorist in “An Evening with Mark Twain.” 

LAHAINA – A gentle breeze cools the Pioneer Inn courtyard, as a lean figure walks toward his rocking chair. He is dressed in white with long breezy locks circling his head like smoke rings and a substantial mustache punctuates his mood. He sits, giving no notice to the audience before him. He fusses to light a cigar. Suddenly, he notices the crowd and launches into a rollicking evening of humor and story, observation and advice. This is Mark Twain.

Maui actor Rick Scheideman, the very image of Twain himself, shares his skill, breathing life into Twain with the first puff on his cigar.

Theater critic Michael Pulliam stated, “From Mark Twain, to Einstein, to Sitting Bull, this actor has the ability to look and be almost unidentifiable from one show to the next. If acting skill combined with a Lon Chaney-esque ‘Man of a Thousand Faces’ equals acting brilliance, then Scheideman is the best actor on Maui.”

“An Evening with Mark Twain” plays at 6:30 p.m. on Friday nights at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina.

Tickets for this unique and entertaining evening are $20. Call (303) 507-0987 or (808) 276-4201 for further information and to make reservations.