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The Year of the Dragon, 2012

By Staff | Jan 26, 2012

The Year of the Dragon starting on Jan. 23, 2012, will be an extremely dynamic year.

The Dragon is a benevolent animal that has a mandate directly from the Heavens. The Dragon is the only being of the Chinese 12 Zodiac animals that is mysterious, mystical and mythical. It demands the utmost respect of man because it has the qualities of being the most ferocious and feared of all animals. Its mandate is to oversee, guide and protect mankind, but, as always, the Heavens will have their own way of making profound events happen – usually beyond man’s comprehension. To see it, you must look with your inner eye and through your higher self.

The whole world is in awe of the Dragon. This usually is why man wants to believe in a force greater than himself. He can attribute the unexplainable to a higher power. It is folly of mankind to not believe in this higher power, because we are made in the Creator’s own image. This is called Ch’i (life force) by the Chinese.

This year, the Year of the Dragon, look for the opportunity to do good things for those you care about, and on occasion, for those you might not know as well. Be benevolent like the Dragon, and the Heavens will reward you for being true to your innate nature of being a citizen of the Universe.

Imagine being on the back of the Dragon as if flies through the air, with its serpent like body twisting and flowing like a wave in the ocean. Our ride this year will be like that; be prepared for a wild ride and know that if you are selfless instead of selfish, you will be noticed, protected and taken care of, and you will find that the ride to be very enlightening and enjoyable.

If you want to maximize the Dragon Energy for success this year, you will need to be fearless, knowing that the Heavens will welcome you for being warrior like with your benevolence and compassion. How can you fail?

Gung Hee Fat Choy, friends!