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Jeri Dean wants to create opportunities for students as Lahainaluna High School principal

LAHAINA — From the mountains to the ocean, Lahainaluna High School connects the West Side community like no other marker. Its vision speaks about our pride and drive and deep respect for all who have walked along its historic campus corridors since 1831. “Gather,” it reads, “At This Place of Lahainaluna Grasp the Flaming Torch of Excellence And Let Us Move Forward Together.” Last week, Jan. 11, a new leader was appointed to serve as the principal of our educational center situated 500 feet above Lahaina. Department of ...

Local sports

Fast-moving marlin depend on vision

Marlin brains are tiny by comparison to the brains of mammals. An average size marlin has only enough brain tissue to fill a dessertspoon — and precious little of this is devoted to the higher brain activities as we understand them. Nonetheless, the brain and nerves of marlin obviously ...

Community News



Watch out for the Malware Drive virus!

Did you just get an e-mail message from Amazon that you bought a 55-inch TV for $4,285.22? Well, if you did — and after picking yourself up off the floor — don’t open up the e-mail to check and see if you bought it or not. It’s a big SCAM! Downloading it could cause your phone ...


Kingwell to sign official Lahaina Posters

LAHAINA — Village Gallery will host Lahaina artist Jim Kingwell on Friday, Jan. 8, for the release and signing of the official 2021 Lahaina Poster. The signing will be held on the large front lanai of the 120 Dickenson St. gallery between 5 and 8 p.m. during Friday Night is Art ...


Voice your ideas on affordable housing

The County Council seeks community feedback on one of Maui County’s biggest issues: solutions for affordable housing. Input will help shape recommendations for a comprehensive affordable housing plan for review and approval by the council and guide the building of 5,000 affordable ...