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Draft EIS published for Kahana Bay Erosion Mitigation project

KAHANA — Under siege for decades, Kahana Bay has been confronted with the extreme consequences of sea level rise, adverse weather phenomena, seaside development and coastal armoring, resulting in the near-terminal loss of a most vital lifeline to the overall health of this delicate marine ecosystem — sand. According to Chip Fletcher, associate dean for academic affairs and professor, Department of Earth Sciences, at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST), University of Hawaii at Manoa, the shoreline along Kahana Bay has receded at an average rate of ...

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Get ready to paste!

Are you ready to PASTE, PASTE, PASTE? Ever heard of the clipboard? When you copy anything from your iPhone or Mac from a website or document, it automatically goes to the clipboard, which stores it until you want to do something with it. So let’s have some fun, and I’ll show you ...