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Planning the future: The Pioneer Mill Company Office Building

LAHAINA — Maui’s rich and diverse history influences our present generation as well as future generations. A current example is the Pioneer Mill Company Office Building, which is listed on the Hawaii Register of Historic Places. The mainstay of West Maui’s economy for many years, the mill office closed down in 1999 after 139 years, marking the end of sugar production for West Maui. The sugar mill was razed in 2006. Presently, Lahaina Restoration Foundation (LRF) is inviting community members to participate in the process to create a plan for the mill office. After receiving ...

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Moku Roots launches dinner service

LAHAINA — Award-winning Moku Roots restaurant at Lahaina Gateway has launched dinner service, Sunday brunch and live music. The zero-waste vegan restaurant welcomes guests to experience dinner Monday through Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m. New specialty items will be introduced ...


College Spotlight: The United States Naval Academy

Situated in Annapolis, Maryland, the quaint capital of the state, The U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) is home to 4,500 midshipmen who represent some of the best and the brightest students in the country; 72 percent are male, and 28 percent are female. In addition to outstanding academic records, ...



Two important non-profits announce new partnership

Goodwill Hawaii and Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii (BBBS) have formed a new partnership and made it easy for Maui residents to make donations to these important non-profits. Donation pods that will benefit both organizations are located at Kihei Recycling and Redemption Center and the ...